Baby’s Only with DHA & ARA


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Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy with DHA & ARA
Now Available with Hexane-Free DHA & ARA

Nature’s One® is proud to offer the only formula that contains USDA organic-compliant DHA. Other organic and conventional formulas contain life’sDHA™ oils, which are controversial ingredients extracted using hexane solvent and treated with acid, and bleach.

Phospholipids vs Triglycerides (Fatty Acids)

The DHA used by Nature’s One® is a fatty acid from egg yolk, while other formulas use DHA derived from algae and fungus, which is a triglyceride. The use of egg phospholipids in human nutrition has been widely studied and understood to be more easily absorbed and offer greater bioavailability than DHA from the form of triglycerides. Contact us for more information and studies.

Phospholipids Balance Fatty Acids

Breast milk is made up of both phospholipids and triglycerides. All other organic formulas only contain triglycerides formulated with vegetable oil blends and Martek’s life’sDHA, but are void of phospholipids. Nature’s One® believes adding a phospholipid to formula achieves a more natural fatty acid profile and supports brain development.

The Best Organic Start

Nature’s One believes breast milk is the baby’s best organic option. Baby’s Only Organic is intended for toddlers 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. After formula feeding or breast feeding the first year, Baby’s Only Organic formula is a good nutritional choice to assure continuation of strong growth and development.

Compare to Other Brands

Parents should be aware that other organic formulas use less desirable ingredients like organic corn syrup (also called glucose syrup), organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA. Rest assured that Baby’s Only Organic will never contain inferior ingredients. Nature’s One only uses high quality ingredients.

Meets the American Academy of Pediatrics Nutritional Guidelines

Baby’s Only Organic® formulas meet the nutritional requirements of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for daily intake.

If milk sensitivity, lactose sensitivity or milk allergy are thought to exist, doctors may recommend Baby’s Only Organic® LactoRelief or Soy Formulas.

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