A medical food powder for children and adults with homocystinuria.

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HCY 2 is a medical food powder that is free of the essential amino acid methionine for children and adults with homocystinuria. The product provides all other essential amino acids as well as nonessential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Use under direct and continuing supervision of a doctor.

  • Methionine-free

  • Cystine level is similar to the sum of cystine and methionine found in cow’s milk

  • 22 g protein equivalents/100 g powder

  • Lactose-free

  • Vanilla scent

  • Can be easily modified with preferred flavor enhancers

  • Mixes easily and stays in suspension well

  • Vitamin and mineral levels appropriate for children and adults

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Weight 28 oz


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