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5 Sensory-Friendly Fall Activities!

5 Sensory-Friendly Fall Activities!

Even though school is back in session, learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. With the turning of the leaves, and the coolness in the air, consider this an invitation to play!

Pinterest and YouTube are wonderful resources for adding some pizzazz to Fall fun.

  1. Jack-O-Lantern Squish Bag. The squishy feel, cool-to-touch gel, and bright color make this activity fun for kiddos, and adults alike! Supplies needed are hair gel, plastic baggies (Use nail polish remover to wipe off label from clear baggie.), and food coloring. Simply fill each bag with ¼ to ½ cup of hair gel, add a mix of red and yellow food coloring for the orange pumpkin theme, and seal the bag top with clear packing tape. To complete the look, cut black felt pieces into the face of a jack-o-lantern and glue to the baggie. Invite your child into the activity by taping the bag to a window so the light shines through the bag, or you can place on a tabletop for seated fun.


  2. Halloween Sensory Bins. Fill a plastic bin with a variety of objects and allow your child to explore! Perfect for Halloween: Black and White Bins. Simply fill one bin with black beans, and buttons shaped as bats and spiders of different sizes, and encourage your child to sort by object type and size. Fill the other bin with Epsom salt or white rice, and white Halloween-themed buttons of various sizes. With a funnel, scoop, easy-to-use tongs, and small seasonal bucket, your child can sort, experience various textures, count, and even surprise you with their own creative ideas!  
  3. Pumpkin Bowling. Pop off the pumpkin stem, set up bowling pins, or other fun objects to knock over, and let the fun begin! Give your child the choice of different size pumpkins to discover how various sizes interact differently with a variety of objects. As they play, your child engages in strength training, object manipulation, and problem-solving skills.  
  4. Fall Nature Hunt. With tongs or tweezers in hand, you and your child are ready to explore your surroundings! What is the largest item they can pick up with each tool? The smallest? Line up items using the tools, sort by color or size, and more! While enjoying the surprises hidden in nature, your child can increase their grip strength and precision skills. (And be sure to collect some unique leaves on your hunt for the “Leaf Rubbing” activity!)
  5. Leaf Rubbing. Gather a variety of interesting-shaped leaves, tape them to a table top, vein-side up (with blue painter’s tape), and then tape construction paper on top. Your child can color over the paper with different types of crayons to discover their preferred method. (You can even melt crayons in a muffin pan to create a ‘crayon disc’, which could be easier for some children to manipulate across the leaf picture.)

Happy Fall! Enjoy the cooling temperatures. . .