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5 Tips for Drinking More Water

While sweetened beverages, such as juice, soda, sports drinks and coffee drinks contain water, it’s healthier for your teeth and waistline to opt for unsweetened beverages such as water.

If you think you may not be drinking enough water, or are choosing sweetened beverages regularly, these 5 tips could make all the difference:

1. Order water with your meal when eating out. You’ll save on money AND calories!

2. Flavor it up! Add some lemon slices or other fruit to a pitcher of water and keep in the fridge. Get the kids involved and allow them to choose their favorite fruits to add.

3. Have a glass of ice water at the table with your meal, even if you’ve ordered a different beverage. Sip the water occasionally, rather than ordering a second sweetened or alcoholic drink.

4. Use fun straws, and your child’s favorite cup, to make drinking water fun!

5. Freeze water in freezer-safe plastic bottles. Grab one on the go for ice-cold water all day long.