CLEARINSE – Nasal Aspirator



  • NASAL ASPIRATOR: Suitable for all ages, CLEARinse provides a pediatrician created and approved nasal decongestion aspirator that is fast, safe, and effective
  • NASAL CLEARING SYSTEM: Ergonomically designed system for comfort is cordless, rechargeable — drug, BPA, phthalate, latex free, and has no contraindications with other medications
  • NASAL IRRIGATION: Proven to reduce congestion caused by allergies like pollen, dust, dry air, post nasal drip, sinusitis, and pregnancy rhinitis
  • NOSE CLEANER: Soft, silicone tip won’t irritate already sensitive noses and is an effective, sterile, preventative solution for reducing dried snot, stuffy noses, cold, and flu nasal symptoms
  • BOOGER REMOVER: Convenient, light-weight design allows use while holding and comforting your child simultaneously
  • ASPIRATOR STARTER KIT: CLEARinse Nasal Aspirator System Starter Kit includes 1 CLEARinse handle, 2 wash heads, 10 3cc saline ampoules, and 1 power charger
  • NASAL ASPIRATOR SYSTEM: Meeting the American Respiratory Council’s guidelines, CLEARinse provides safe suction for negative pressure and effective flow when compared to competitive brands


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