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PediaSmart® Soy Nutritional Beverage

Kids Love the Flavor!

The Only Complete Organic Soy Nutritional Beverage

PediaSmart® Soy is the only organic complete nutrition beverage for kids ages 1 to 13. Organic assures non-GMO ingredients, no chemical processing & nothing artificial. PediaSmart® Soy is gluten-free, contains no corn ingredients, & appropriate for lactose sensitivity. It’s organic vanilla flavor is so rich and smooth, even picky eaters love the great taste!

When Dairy Isn’t an Option

PediaSmart® Soy is recommended for kids with a cow’s milk protein allergy or an intolerance to lactose. Excellent for vegetarian diets and may be appropriate for galactosemia under healthcare professional guidance. Contains no gluten or corn.

For Picky Eaters

Kids need to eat a balanced diet to support rapid growth, and PediaSmart® Soy can fill the gaps left by picky eating or limited availability of nutritious food. This nutrition beverage contains all the nutrients found in a balanced meal.

For Medical Issues

When medical or digestive problems hamper normal growth, consider PediaSmart® Soy as a nutritional alternative. PediaSmart® Soy offers complete nutrition for children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, food aversions, or curbed appetite due to medication. This product meets or exceeds 100% Dietary Recommended Intake (DRI) and can be used as a sole source of nutrition and in a feeding tube under healthcare professional supervision.

For Food Sensitivities

PediaSmart® Soy is gluten-free, contains no corn ingredients & is appropriate for kids with lactose sensitivity. Organic PediaSmart® Soy offers relief for kids who are sensitive to chemical processing.

For Breakfast Skippers

Studies show kids who eat a balanced breakfast in the morning have higher test scores than those who skip breakfast. PediaSmart® Soy is perfect when there’s no time for breakfast & offers advantages over empty calorie foods like pastries and doughnuts.

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