PediaSure® Enteral with Fiber 1.0 Cal


Complete, Balanced Nutrition®

  • PEDIASURE ENTERAL FORMULA 1.0 CAL WITH FIBER is a source of Complete, Balanced Nutrition® especially designed for tube feeding children 1 to 13 years of age.
  • May be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement.
  • Specially formulated for tube feeding.
  • Use under medical supervision.
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  • Milk-based, complete, balanced nutrition.
  • 1.0 Cal per mL, 240 Cal per 8 fl oz, from a balanced distribution of protein, fat, and carbohydrate.
  • Meets or exceeds 100% of the DRIs for protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for children 1 to 8 years of age in 1000 mL, and for children 9 to 13 years of age in 1500 mL.
  • Blend of soluble and insoluble fibers and short-chain fructooligosaccharides at a level that is well tolerated by children.
  • A blend of prebiotics designed to support digestive tract health and antioxidants† to support the immune system.1,2,3
  • Halal.
  • Kosher.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance.


  • Not intended for infants under 1 year of age unless specified by a physician.
  • Not for IV use.
  • Not for children with galactosemia.
1 Bornet FR, et al. Nutr Rev 2002;60:326-334.
2 Tokunaga T, et al. Bifidus 1993;6:143-150.
3 Hidaka H, et al. Bifidobact Microflora 1986;5:37-50.

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