Rumble Tuff – Easy Express 2 Breast Pump


The Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2 is a closed-system, duo electric breast pump intended for personal use. Behind the cute, attractive design lies a powerful motor capable of delivering  hospital strength suction (up to 275 mmhg), 2,000+ hours of motor life, and a unique peak-enhanced waveform to help you complete your pumping session quickly and effortlessly. The pump’s lightweight design also makes it easy for travel. With 4 preset speed patterns and 7 levels of suction, the Easy Express 2 is designed to help you best match your baby’s natural nursing pattern. It is designed with simple, user-friendly controls and an LED display to indicate the current speed setting. It can be electric-powered, battery operated, or converted into a manual breast pump. The pump’s closed-system diaphragm provides anti-backflow protection which prevents breast milk from entering the tubing or motor. The Easy Express Electric 2 Breast Pump comes with a 2-year warranty. BPA free plastic parts.

· A closed system, single-user, double electric breast pump with an anti-backflow diaphragm and the ability to mimic your baby’s nursing pattern with your choice of 4 preset expression pattern speed cycles and 7 levels of suction. , providing a total of 28 different settings.

· Unique safety feature allows users to adjust suction range without causing damage to nipples and breast tissue. The computer chip allows 2 to 3 cycles before the intended suction level is reached. This purpose is to prevent fast mode switches which can shock breast tissue.

· The electric pump is small and lightweight weighing only 0.7lb and with its corresponding accessories weighs less than 1.3lbs.

· User-friendly control panel and LED display to indicate current settings.

· Optional power source 4 AA batteries (for emergency situations without electricity or portable option). AA batteries not included.

·All pumps will include a manual handle. The manual handle is unique in the market as you can control stimulation/expression and suction strength.

·Free IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) services included.

Included With Pump
· 2 Expression Collection Combo Kits with 25mm flanges
· 2 Silicone Cushions (23mm)
· 2 Bottle Adapter Kits
· 2 One-Way Valves
· 2 O-Rings
· Manual Handle (adjustable suction strength, stimulation, and expression mode)
· Double Vacuum Tubing & Adapter
· 12V AC/DC Adapter
· Mesh Drying Bag
· Carrying Tote
· User Manual

Rumble Tuff Customer Service

Lactation Consultant Virtual Consult (for Rumble Tuff pump users only) –

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Weight 80 oz


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