Rumble Tuff – Easy Express 2 Breast Pump


The Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2 is a closed-system, duo electric breast pump intended for personal use. Behind the cute, attractive design lies a powerful motor capable of delivering strong suction power to help you complete your pumping session quickly and effortlessly. The pump’s lightweight design also makes it easy for travel. With 4 preset speed patterns and 7 levels of suction, the Easy Express 2 is designed to help you best match your baby\’s natural nursing pattern. Each preset pattern has 7 levels of vacuum strength, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and effective vacuum strength for you. The motor of this pump is durable and dependable enough for daily pumping. It is designed with simple, user-friendly controls and an LED display to indicate the current speed setting. It can be electric-powered, battery operated, or converted into a manual breast pump (Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit not included). The pump\’s closed-system diaphragm provides anti-backflow protection with prevents breast milk from entering the tubing or motor. The Easy Express Electric 2 Breast Pump comes with a 120-day warranty and a 1-year extended warranty for the pump motor (wearable accessories excluded). Warranty information can be found in the User Manual. BPA free.

  • A closed system single electric breast pump with an anti-backflow diaphragm and the ability to mimic your baby’s nursing pattern with your choice of 4 preset expression pattern speed cycles and 7 levels of suction.
  • Transitions smoothly between expression patterns and suction strength and each of the 4 preset speed pattern cycles has 7 levels of suction strength control providing a total of 28 different settings.
  • The electric pump is small and lightweight and weighs less than 0.7lb and with its corresponding accessories weighs less than 1.3lbs.
  • Optional power source 4 AA batteries not included or manual pump not included.
  • User-friendly control panel and LED display to indicate current settings.

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Weight 80 oz


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