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Medela Products are Available Now!

Welcome to the Family!
As the leaders in nutritional products, Star Medical Specialties is proud to announce the addition of Breast Pumps and accessories to our family of products.

Because breastfeeding needs vary from person to person, we offer Medela breast pumps for purchase or rental. We also offer a variety of the most popular Medela breastfeeding accessories.

You can now receive a breast pump at little, or no cost to you. The federal government legislation, Affordable Care Act, requires insurance companies to provide lactating moms with breastfeeding support and supplies. Often times, you can receive a breast pump through your insurance, covered in-full, without deductibles or co-pays.  (You can also receive a breast pump through Medicaid or as a cash customer.)

Once you make your order, we’ll take it from there.

After you order your breast pump through Star Medical Specialties, we will contact your doctor and insurance company regarding authorizations and coordinate applicable paperwork on your behalf.