Dexcom G7

THE MOST ACCURATE CGM for reliable therapy decisions that lead to proven results

THE SIMPLE CGM for effortless diabetes management

THE MOST COVERED CGM BRAND for affordable care without compromising quality for the broadest audience of people with diabetes



Dexcom G7 System

  • Smaller, all in one, discreet wearable sensor
  • 30 minute sensor warmup
  • 10day wear, plus a 12hour grace period to swap with a new sensor when convenient for the patient.
  • Improved alerts and improved accuracy with an 8.2%MARD
  • 24 hours of data backfill for missed sensor readings.
  • Sensors are now packaged in a preloaded applicator per box and include an overpatch to help keep the sensor on.
  • Sensors are waterproof up to 2.4 meters.
  • Get real time glucose results streamed every five minutes on a compatible smart device or the Dexcom receiver.
  • For adults and children ages 2 and older on back of arm or the upper buttocks for children ages 2 6 years.
  • Approved for use during pregnancy (G6 is not).
  • Dexcom is working with leading insulin pump manufacturers to integrate their systems.

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CGM Standard Written Order Form G6-G7 CMN 

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