FreeStyle Libre 2

Consists of a handheld reader & sensor worn on the back of the upper arm (or works with FreeStyle Libre 2 app).

Seamless Glucose Monitoring With Alarms*, Now On Your Smartphone

Sensors last up to 14 days of wear.



FreeStyle Libre 2 System

  • Use the reader or your smartphone to scan the sensor and replaces fingersticks.
  • Sensors last up to 14 days of wear.
  • 1 hour warmup time and no fingerstick calibration required.
  • No continuous data transmission but measures every minute and displays at user request. Requires scan every 8 hours for continuous data.
  • Optional, real time glucose alarms with readings every minute (low glucose, high glucose, signal loss).
  • For adults and children (ages 4 and older).

CGM Standard Written Order FORM CMN Libre 2

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